See How Common Sexual Harassment is: My First Job



As you see, I am not living in a wealthy family. My family member depends on my income, that is one of the reasons that I went to this job. Also, my father thought that going to the local public school is not a good idea. I quite agree with that, because I always see homeless people on the street just in front of the school gate. I haven’t gone to another city, I don’t know is that common in other places. Do they?

Peter Pan Photo Finishers

Aunt Lala introduced me to a job at the Peter Pan Photo Finishers. It is the first job I get in my whole life. I think I was the youngest person there, so I wore a navy blue dress hope that make me look a bit older. I lied about my age to my boss.

One thing about my job, I had to wear white gloves. My job is boring, I was supposed to match negatives with their prints, just look at the picture and look for the same one on the negative strip, put it in the envelope, and do the next one. That’s all. I didn’t know where these envelopes were coming from or where they were going. I just did what I was told.

I thought I need to stand all day long, that makes me very tired. I tried to act like I am standing, but I was sitting on the edge. Later, they told me that I could sit and had no need to stand all day long. It may be better if I asked them first, but I was just a friend that they asked some questions and make me feel odd.

The Coatroom

That is an area I don’t really want to talk about, the story began with a lunch. I sat alone, and I finished very quickly. Later, I met a man in the Coatroom, he gave me support and ask to be a friend. I feel so happy about having this nice friend. He has beautiful eyes and makes me not nervous anymore.

On another day. We met in the Coatroom, he said today was his birthday, and he wanted a birthday kiss. I refused at first, but I thought I would because he was so old and just as I was about to put my lips on his cheek, he grabs my face with both hands and kisses me hard on the mouth, and doesn’t let go.

My mind went blank that time, a long time later. I finally found out that, he had just played with me.